Interfaith Seminars is an educational, warm and loving event that brings people of different faiths together to foster peace and understanding by addressing subjects individuals by different faiths can relate too. The aim of the seminars is to build trust, tolerance and respect in our community. If you want to organize an event please contact Tahmina Rehnman at

Past Interfaith Seminars

2009 – Buffalo, NY
Wives of Prophet Mohammad

2010 – Buffalo, NY
Women of different Faith Promoting Global Harmony

2011 – Buffalo, NY
Moral Empowerment Of Women

2012 – Buffalo, NY
Cultural and Religion

2013 – Buffalo, NY
Got Peace Anyone?

2014 – Buffalo, NY
Concept of God in Modern Times

2015 – Buffalo, NY
The Impact of Globalization on World Religions

2016 – Buffalo, NY
Weaving a Tapestry from the Threads of Our Prophets
Mother Mary in the Holy Qur’an

2017 - Buffalo, NY
Is Religious Freedom Being Compromised In America?

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Is Religious Freedom Being Compromised In America?

Buffalo, NY