Interfaith Seminars is educational and community initiative that was started in 2009 by Tahmina Rehnman, born and raised in Pakistan, but now a citizen of the United States and a resident of Buffalo, New York. Leading the organization Women’s Auxiliary of Buffalo, she was devastated seeing her Buffalo-NY-community hurting from anger and disbelief after the beheading of the Muslim woman Asiyya Hassan. “It separated and divided us. I felt responsible to step up and wanted to start a dialog about myths about Islam, multiple marriages, religions women’s rights and the complexity of honor killings.”

““Wives of Prophet Mohammad” was the most difficult seminar to organize but we needed to give the Buffalo community hope and encourage the Muslim community and to other faiths to engage in dialog. The community needed answers, an understanding of what took place and why”, says Tahmina. “Though it was the most difficult seminar, the community leaders who were present at the event, were able to bring all religions represented in the room together and unite in peace and love.”

In 2017, we are holding the ninth Annual Interfaith Seminar. Our community participation is growing and we understand the importance of fostering peace and understanding in our community. “The understanding of the Islamic faith is rising and the audience is enjoying the educational component of these events. “I hope we can take this event beyond Buffalo, NY. I hope individuals from other cities feel encouraged to hold Interfaith Seminars too. They don’t have to be of the Islamic faith. They can be Jewish or Christian. The most important part is that they aim to foster peace and understanding between religions, seek solutions and an understanding, instead of passing judgments. I believe that if we all truly follow our faiths, we will create a more understanding world – filled with love, trust, tolerance, and respect. This should lead us to one loving peaceful community.”

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